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Author, Poet and Minister of Women's Ministry!

Author, Poet and Minister of Women's Ministry!

Teaching God's Word to Women is an honor, that I don't take lightly!


Teaching God's Word to Women is an honor, that I don't take lightly!

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Professional Speaker, Author, Minister and Poet!


I Believe the Holy Scriptures to be the verbal, inspired words of God, authoritative, and without error I believe that both Old and New Testaments are designed for our practical instruction in faith and conduct for very day life.2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21.


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My Ministry is to women, of all walks of life. I started out teaching Single Moms, because I was a Single Mom. Then God open the door for me to minister to all women. I speak on a variety of topics from Single moms to  how to put the care back in Customer Service. My message is honest using a motto of "People don't care of much you know until they know how much you care" Care enough to tell them the truth! The truth can sting and sometimes brings you to your knees and tears, but it will set you free to make a right decision that will change your life!

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I will never leave thee nor Forsake Thee A Study Guide for the Single Mom!

This book is currently being rewritten. 

A Book of Poetry


This book is also being rewritten for a second edition!

Marriage was designed by God!


So you Wanna be a Help Meet? Act like a Godly woman think like Christ! A powerful book written on marriage and relationships.

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A True Study guide for Women!


A 52 Week Study guide with thought provoking devotional!

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Teaching is Roz's Passion


Roz's has a favorite statement, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! Care enough to give them the only truth that matters (the Word of God!) faith


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Hi ladies, I know in life things happen and sometimes we just need to ask the hard questions? Ask me!

Single women - Ask me!

Single Moms- Ask me!

Married women- Ask me!

Relationship with adult children- Ask me

Bible questions- Ask me!

Church - Ask me!

Loneliness -Ask me!

life changing events - Ask me!

Body changing- Ask me!

Friendships-Ask me!

Betrayal - Ask me!

Just ask the hard questions, I promise if I don't have the answers I will direct you to someone who does.

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